Reviews and comments

Words from audience, collegues and reviewers. Click below …

“(…) Sara plays guitar, percussion and piano on the new album. She’s composed most of the material and has written the lyrics. She’s produced. And she’s sung with a warmth to her voice that engages and includes. As an experienced composer she has created her unique sound that draws from unplugged pop, folk, world and americana. Jacob Gurevitsch (guitar) og Bastian Sjelberg (Bass), Simon Toldam (pn) are counted among our finest musicians. Swedish musicians Per Ekdahl (drums) and Per Johansson (horns) accompany in a manner where every note and every syllable in Sara’s diligent and thorough writing finds it’s proper place” (B.T., 2017)

“… Sara Indrio wins her audience on her ability to muster honest and artistic presence …
There was a nerve and expression to her songs that supported the crucially necessary fact, that any singer must be completely present and actually mean what she sings as if it was a matter of life and death! …” (Politiken May, 2012)

“And there it was, the Powerful, the tomboyish; even the ballads that might have been slightly slower were energetic. You could tell by the encore ovations from the small crowd, that it is likely to be bigger next time. It was a solid conclusion: Sara Indrio is a really good live musician.” (Polarblog, Hamburg 2008)

“Thank you for one of my life’s most deep felt concert experiences. You are truly unique and universally gifted with the most beautiful voice and stage presence. “Den blå anemone” gave way for a free flow of tears in an amazing concert finale. You and James Taylor have done what no one else has done for me at a concert: To touch the deepest register of emotions.” (Anonymous audience)

“It was a contemplative but entertaining solokoncert with Sara Indrio at Sparte 4. Her beautiful soft voice and the complexity in the compositions brings reminiscence to Tori Amos or Kate Bush. Her fantastic version of Steely Dan’s „Do It Again“ was to became the end of a very nice evening.”  (Saarbrücker Zeitung, 2007)

“Sara er et kærtegn, en lille sommerfugl der flyver fra barn til kvinde og bestøver på sin vej. Hun giver mening, og hun gør det, fordi hun spejler, så sandt, så sandt. Jeg hører den blide korpige og fremfor alt et meget nøgternt væsen midt i al poesien.” (Alberte Winding)

“Sara’s music expresses a unique voice and atmosphere. Her lyrics are poetic, existential tales about life in modern society addressing all those challenges, emotions and question marks that we all can identify with. It’s always enriching to hear Sara sing her songs and you walk away with a sensation that you are a little bit wiser on life and that your soul was massaged by this beautiful music supplementing the lyrics in a well-balanced symbiosis.” (Niels Lan Doky)

“This concert offered an experience I rarely have. When it was over I had this sensation in my stomach that resembles … Well, I think it was like a feeling of being in love. Luckily they sold CD’s at the bar, so I could bring a little of this sensation back home.” (Flair Music magazine, DK)

“Sara Indrio makes music that is somewhat reminiscent of the style and sound that Norah Jones has popularized.  But Indrio gives her contemporary folk pop a flavor of her own with her background as a percussionist, her distinct vocals and lyrical perspective. The song that is currently impacting radio stations in the U.K. is “Big City Night.” It is a scaled-down folky pop song that clearly demonstrates Indrio’s gift for poetic storytelling.” (Arjan Writes, U.K.)

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